A method for everyone

A method for everyone

As the delegates started preparing their sessions during the first day of discussions, we could observe different approaches in terms of preparation. Some methods were let’s say… original. The mood and the atmosphere were also slightly different from a committee to another.

For instance, you have the Historical Security Council that was both excited and curious at the idea of jumping into the experience. The rich history of the city of Ghent got them passionate and spellbound. But beware, once the sessions start, they dream no more and pay close attention to concerns them!

“Impressed” was the word capturing the mood of the UNESCO committee. This large variety of buildings, details and architecture seem to have inspired them. With the hot topics that are currently going on, they seem fully ready to start debating!

The Security Council was in a phase of strategic observation. While Israel and Palestine already realized they didn’t want to hang out together, they just went their own ways, in quest for new allies. Adding up to the uniqueness of that committee, one of their members would apparently be he spitting image of the Irish actor, Cilian Murphy. Why not…

The World Health Organization for its part, was observant. Their team already seems leagued, nothing seems to get on their way to effective talk sessions. Confident about setting effective lines in their domains, the experts have more than an apple to keep the doctor away!

And eventually, there is the Human Right Council’s unique sense of team building. While others got off a flying start, they prefer building solid bases. And to do so why not going in the garden to play the Ninja game? Enjoying the pleasant weather while it’s on our side…


Louna Teisseire


A method for everyone

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