Already so many crispy memories…

The end, already ? Yes, but this first Ghentmun edition leaves us with plenty of crispy memories. Did you catch up on all of them?

The lightning speed is as fast as this week-end has gone by. It has been incredibly intense, but also tremendously rich in learning, surprises and emotions… And as we all come back, tired and fulfilled to our respective countries, cities and home, we have can give a grateful glance at those incredible three days.

As the delegates progressively walked out of the beautiful Aula edifice, you could see the pride in their eyes. Advanced or beginners now had a solid grasp on their topic. Everything wasn’t perfect, but that’s not the point, and that’s where the fun comes in!

As you have seen, we had dancers during the formal ball. But did you know that one of our

committees also tried a little dance session?  Well, they did. And the outcome was… interesting! That’s what sometimes happens when the delegates arrive late in a session, they have the honour to dance in front of their dear committee. And this time, it seems that this time the slippery floor wasn’t really in the plan of one of our dancers who majestically fell down! Yet, it granted him a winning prize at the Photography Awards…

While the World health Organization Committee suspected the presence of Russian Spies, it seems that they eventually elucidated the mystery to still pass a brilliant resolution.

The social events being the occasion to further learn about one another’s interests, some took this mission very seriously. So seriously, that some CRISPY GOSSIPS even came out of our secret sources. We are all interesting in further knowing what happened right?

Well, as the heart sometimes takes over, unexpected “alliances” developed among countries. Hence apparently, “Rwanda and Egypt were spotted having a romantic moment outside the committee”… Let’s hope that at least this partnership was creative!

And because being ridiculous doesn’t kill, we laughed at funny dances, at failed speeches, at people talking with statues, at our Secretariat hiding in the bushes when the workload was too heavy, at people tripping in the paved streets, at some hungry press team members subtlety sneaking around to get the last sandwiches… The only regret is that we couldn’t sit on our dear Chairs. For some reason they didn’t agree.

The anonymous delivery of roses added up to the mystery… Will you ever know who was that “secret admirer” who sent you a poetic note with that velvet flower? Maybe not. How fanciful.

Last but not, a report informed us this morning that “The delegation of Russia and Belgium arrived together this morning… coincidence?” Further details leave us in the fog as to what happened: “Same dress, same shoes as the previous night… ”. Although Russia apparently kept “longingly looking at Belgium”, this shall probably remain a mystery 😉 After all, we now all agree that Belgium is a very beautiful country, right?

Hope to see you all next year onboard of the GhentMUN boat, for new adventurous expeditions!


Louna Teisseire




Already so many crispy memories…

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