A ball like no other!

A ball like no other!

What would be a proper MUN without the delegates ball of Saturday night? After a long day of debates, negotiations and reflections, our delegates were offered the occasion to enjoy their company in a unique setting.

This event was the perfect opportunity for our delegates to not only shine at their best, but also learn some more about each other’s personalities. The opening dance which is both a formal and fun “tradition”, sets the tone for the evening. The Secretariat took the lead, walking by pairs of two down the hall, in front the cheerful eyes of our delegates who soon joined. Some were taking it more seriously than others, but how delighting to see semi-serious faces, honouring the dance in a light atmosphere!

The evening was placed under the sign of authenticity and history, as shown by the chosen place. It was none other than the stunning Belfort tower, one of the most imposing towers in the heart of the city of Ghent. We could almost feel like experiencing a historical reception held in a 14th century edifice. As tonight everything was allowed, the delegates even had the opportunity to climb to the top of the tower to enjoy the view. And what a view! All the inhabitants of the city will tell you that it is indeed a unique point of view, but it is all the more rare to be able to enjoy it at night!While city lights were dazzling our eyes and the music soothing our ears, more surprises were yet to come!


At the most unexpected moment, something is announced. What is it? Under the eyes of a gaping crowd, two men in white unhooked their swords to start a fencing fight. How impressive! Was it a way to put into action what our delegates do all day with words? Since the combat was mainly for the thrill and upon honour and conscience, we could probably say so!

As the minds get more comfortable, it is also the occasion for the delegates to further mingle among themselves… Who knows if that will help to appease the tensions between our representatives of Israel and Palestine? You’re never safe from a surprise! Yet, it is more likely that as soon as the morning comes, our delegates will be back on their feet.

This bright evening ended in a firework of good music, funny dances, and rejoiced smiles. And on top of the exciting entertainments, the night has only been embellished by the company!


Louna Teisseire

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