Organising Team

1. The Strategic Board

The Strategic Board is responsible for the GhentMUN Association as a whole, they assure the good functioning of the conference board and foster lasting partnerships both in Ghent and abroad. Besides supporting the organisation of the conference, the governing board also helps with the organisation of events throughout the year to put the UN, Model UN and sustainability in the spotlight.





Robin Roels


Robin has a passion for History and the UN. He is now ready to make GhentMUN historically significant.

Participating in several MUNs this year, Robin really wants to introduce this wonderful concept to all Ghentian students, as well attract people from abroad to come to this wonderful city. Also a member of UNYA Gent, he believes it important to bring the United Nations, Model UN and sustainability closer to everyone. As a History student he believes it is always important to put things in perspective and to find common ground. Through his engagement in the International Students of History Association he also tries to bring local students closer to the international ones.







Robin Manesse

Finance Director

Robin Manesse is the finance director of our organisation. He is currently studying Law and is an active member and secretary in the board of a youth movement. Robin is keen on making GhentMUN vzw a sustainable and healthy organisation. Among (inter)national politics, Robin’s interests are history and sports.








William Covents

HR Director

William Covents is the HR director of our organisation. He has a master in Personnel Management and Industrial Psychology. With a future-oriented mindset, he wants to make GhentMUN vzw flexible and open for change. His key interests are evidence-based HR, Innovation & Technology





Rien Sonck

IT Director

Rien Sonck is our IT Director and studies both the human brain and technology. At the University of Ghent he studies Neuropsychology and has multiple technological certificates from Udacity and Udemy (such as Artificial Intelligence, Web-development, Server Management, …). Rien Will be responsible for giving technological / technical advice and will manage the server and the website.






Hannah Carlota Osaer

Sustainability Director

Hannah Carlota is a law student who is interested in the UN and international politics. In last year’s edition of GhentMUN she was the chief editor of the Press Team. Currently she is also the President of the United Nations Youth Association Ghent Chapter. In her free time, she does Krav Maga and she is passionate about poetry and in her poems, her love for travelling also shimmers through.








Ellen Van de Steen

Community Director

Ellen Van de Steen is our Community Director and studies Political Science. She’s active as a student representative at the University of Ghent and will be responsible for the communication between every board and work group. She’s looking forward to make GhentMUN an event that will broaden everyone’s vision on the world.







2. The Conference Board

The governing board of Ghent Model United Nations organises the annual conference, taking place on May 3rd – 5th, 2019.



Maya Van de Velde

Finance Officer

Maya Van de Velde is our Finance Officer. She is a master student Business engineering with strong interest for financial policy. Outside her studies she is active as a student representative on the Board of Social Affairs and as a youth adviser for the Flemish youth council.






Margot Lootens

Coordinating Officer

Margot Lootens is our Coordinating Officer. She is a master student in architectural engineering, with a major in city design. Among others, she is passionate about sustainable development, raising awareness around environmental issues and animal welfare.







Tanvi Mishra

PR Officer

Tanvi Mishra is the PR Officer for the Conference Board. She describes herself as a student, social worker, artist, but above all, a feminist. She has five years of work experience in various fields of communication in the social sector, but began her career as a journalist in India.








Wirakan Chatchawanwirote

PR Officer

Wirakan Chatchawanwirote (Mink) is our PR Officer. She is studying a Master degree in Global Studies at Ghent University. She has a 3 year-experience in a coordination field and loves to participate in volunteering programs of mangrove forest restoration and teaching visually impaired kids in Thailand. She can speak 3 languages: Thai, English and Chinese Mandarin.








Marieke Van Iseghem

Logistics Officer

Marieke Van Iseghem is Logistics Officer and a law student. She has previous experience with MUN’s and is a former GhentMUN delegate herself. Her interests are books, movies, rowing and travelling.









Ismene Ledegen

Logistics Officer

Ismene Ledegen is Logistics Officer and a masterstudent Geography and Archaeology. She has experience with participating in and organising local and international events. Her interests are geopolitics, history and travelling.







Rémy Rousselle

Events Officer

Rémy Rousselle is our Events Officer. He’s studying History and can entertain you with interesting views on contemporary history. Furthermore he’s active in cultural heritage.







Marie Hertel

Events Officer

Marie Hertel is currently studying her master degree in Global Studies at the Ghent University. She has previous work experience in the sector of international development and cultural institution in the field of project and event management.







Nele Van Hoyweghen

Ceremony Master

Nele Van Hoyweghen is our Ceremony Officer. She’s a sociology student at the University of Ghent. In her free time Nele is a UN Youth Delegate for sustainable development of the Dutch-speaking youth council of Belgium and very passionate about climate action.


3. Hall of Fame



Rakoen Maertens – Director General of GhentMUN 2018










Yassin Moustahfid – Event Director of GhentMUN 2018









Stijn Paulissen – Director of Logistics & Finance of GhentMUN 2018








Nicholas Herrero Folley – Secretary General of GhentMUN 2018