The Team

1. Crew

As Ghent Model United Nations we want to give the opportunity to everyone to get involved in the project. Be it as a volunteer or a participant, you are most welcome to join us.


2. Directorate

Our Directorate is made up out of 4 teams:

Management – lead by Rakoen Maertens

Logistics & Finance – lead by Stijn Paulissen

Socials & Events – lead by Yassin Moustahfid

PR & Communication – lead by Robin Roels


Rakoen Maertens

Currently studying psychology, Rakoen Maertens is an active student when it comes to International Relations and Entrepreneurship. Taking up the leadership of this year’s GhentMUN, Rakoen has a clear vision.

“The world is an amazing place. So much to explore. So much to experiment. So much to learn. No one can doubt my curiosity and energy to try new things. I am an open minded Psychology student with ambitious goals that wants to understand and experience as much as possible. Opportunities to grow and change myself, to push boundaries, are what I am constantly creating. Listening to other people, trying to understand them through their eyes, becoming a stranger toward my own proper culture, are things that help me grow. I am interested in everything. I am open for anything. I am able to adapt to any situation.

One of my current focus points in life is to improve international cooperation. My interest in international relations grew tremendously during my activity in the Esperanto movement. During international conventions I’ve discovered many possibilities. I saw a multitude of cultures doing beautiful things together. I’ve discovered many great people with completely different ways of thinking and living. I’ve learned to negotiate, adapt, and express my opinion in poly-cultural situations. I’ve learned to open myself and to put my personal view aside to completely immerse.

Wherever I will go, however, I will always keep my strong vision, ethics, quality preference and seriousness toward life throughout my adventures.”






Robin Roels
Director of Public Relations

Robin has a passion for History and the UN. He is now ready to make the PR historically significant.

Participating in several MUNs this year, Robin really wants to bring this wonderful concept to Ghentian students, as well attract people from abroad to come to this wonderful city. Also a board member of UNYA Gent, he believes it important to bring the United Nations, Model UN and sustainability closer to everyone. As a History student he believes it is always important to put things in perspective and to find common ground.




Stijn Paulissen
Director of  Finance

Stijn Paulissen is a third–year undergraduate at the university of Ghent studying law. His main focus is on international public rights and human rights. He has been involved in several projects concerning international cooperation. He is co-founder of GhentMUN and an active member of VVN Youth Gent. His main interests are travelling, reading and international politics. By chasing new experiences, Stijn hopes to enlarge his knowledge every day. Joining GhentMUN has been an amazing experience for him so far. Interacting with professionals, meeting people from all over the world, sharing visions, … it’s a great way of developing knowledge about the international community according to him.

As the director of logistics and finance Stijn makes sure the financial obligations of Ghentmun are in order. Next to networking and contacting professionals, his role implies planning and managing every facet of the events.










Yassin Moustahfid
Director of Events

Yassin knows how to take things in his own hand. He believes in quality and is not scared to give constructive critique.