Organizing Team

Organising Team

1. The Conference Board

The Conference Board is responsible for the GhentMUN Association as a whole, they assure the good functioning of the conference board and foster lasting partnerships both in Ghent and abroad. Besides supporting the organisation of the conference, the governing board also helps with the organisation of events throughout the year to put the UN, Model UN and sustainability in the spotlight.


Thomas De Cuyper

Thomas is currently in his Master’s year of Communication Sciences at the University of Ghent. Thomas previously served as Media Team Officer in 2019 and Public Relations in 2020. He was encouraged to join Model United Nations, as he wanted to translate his interests in economics, technology, politics and meeting new people into engagement.

As this year’s president, he is looking forward to bringing the organization in his hometown to a higher level. Together with the board, he hopes to take the opportunity to make GhentMUN open to everyone. He sees it as a great opportunity for young people to reflect about contemporary issues and in so doing, ignite their interest and participation in these issues among peers.

Model United Nations is about developing your personal skills today to become the global leader of tomorrow.  


Berkan Alci

Berkan studies computer sciences at Odisee. He has an interest in economics, politics, history and technology. Berkan always looks for ways to expand his knowledge and his soft skills. His organizational skills are also part of the reason he has joined our team last year.

Berkan is currently the Vice-President assisting Thomas in his role as President. Last year he mainly focused on the PR aspect. This year he is trying to up the quality of the conference and at the same time make the internal structure more efficient. Besides that Berkan is here for the long run. He’s here to help GhentMUN grow every year.

Secretary General

Albulena Uka

Albulena is from Kosovo and holds a bachelor of laws from the University of Mitrovica where she graduated with maximal grade point average and got honoured for her success during studies. She also holds an LL.M – Master of Laws from Ghent University where she graduated with the greatest distinction as a scholarship holder student. Regarding her experience in various conferences and congresses, she has a remarkable background. She has been a participant in the most prestigious MUNs, such as the one organised by Harvard University and was honoured with awards for her outstanding performance. Later on, she began chairing different committees of different conferences around the globe. She is so enthusiastic about GhentMUN as she believes in the power of MUNs to prepare students for their future careers. To emphasise one of her special achievements is that she met the Secretary-General of the UN, Mr. Guterrez in the UN headquarters in New York and discussed with him the challenges that the youth is facing. Finally, she welcomes everyone to apply and come to Ghent to be part of this exceptional conference!

Under Secretary-General

Maxime Kalouguin

Maxime is a second year Law student at the University of Ghent, he has an extensive interest and knowledge of economics, politics, international affairs, law and entrepreneurship. Maxime has participated in multiple MUN’s and at his first MUN in Siegen he was awarded the Best Delegate Award. He has also participated in the Flemish Youth Parliament, is engaged in the Ghent Youth Council and the Flemish Youth Council. Recently he also started his own company in international e-commerce.

Maxime will be working alongside Albulena as Under-Secretary-General and is looking forward to make this years edition of GhentMUN an outstanding experience with interesting and controversial committees and topics. With his MUN knowledge and personal skills he will try to make this year’s conference an international success. Maxime invites every passionate student who is interested in international politics to join this year’s unforgettable experience.

Finance Officer

Joakim Galle

Joakim is currently in his last bachelor’s year of business engineering at Ghent University, combining his interests in finance and technology. He became a Model United Nations enthusiast during the London International MUN 2020, where he was part of the delegation of Ghent, and that way came in contact with the board of GhentMUN.

With GhentMUN being such a great opportunity to come in contact with students from all over the world and learning about their cultures, it is with much enthusiasm that he will help organize the 2021 edition and oversee its finances. Apart from helping at GhentMUN, he is currently in the board of the Flanders Youth Society for Entrepreneurship, because he believes that entrepreneurship is a major driver of a strong economy. He wants to help students get on to the path towards their own business.

Sponsors & Partners Officer

Ella-Marie Beirnaert

Ella-Marie is a second year Law student at KULeuven, campus Kortrijk. She takes an interest in international law, EU Law and history. At GhentMUN, she is responsible for Sponsors and Partners, to which her social skills are an asset. She is dedicated, driven, and eager to expand GhentMUNs international network. She maintains relations with other MUNs, gets in contact with internationally engaged companies and strives for the organisation of an impressive conference

Events Officer

Fien De Fauw

Fien studies business management at Artevelde university college Ghent. She is also member of Belgian youth diplomacy (BYD) and united nations youth association (UNYA). As a Flemish she did het secondary school in Wallonia. And therefore she is a perfect bilingual. She loves traveling and meeting people from across the world.

She has joined the GhentMUN board to help organize the conference and events during the conference. She does it with passion and love. Hardworking and dedicated she will help make this conference even better than the years before.

Public Relations Officer

Manu Lahariya

Manu Lahariya is the Public Relations Officer and a doctoral candidate in the department of computer science engineering in university of Ghent. He has been involved in organization of national and international events. He is interested in traveling, good music, and philosophy.

With his knowledge he hopes to push GhentMUN forward and make the conference even better than it is. His IT skills and HR skills are handy and has improved our team overall.

Public Relations Member

Philippe Strijk

Philippe is a bachelor’s student in Applied Computer Sciences at the HoGent. He has always had an interest in a wide variety of subjects, including economics and politics. For this reason he decided to join GhentMUN. With his Russian-Dutch nationality, his pre-existing international experience and organizational capacities, he hopes to be a valuable asset to the GhentMUN team. He likes problem solving, especially regarding informatics-related issues. His hobby’s are competitive fencing, piano and guitar.

Public Relations Member

Sarmad Jan

Sarmad is a psychology student at Ghent University. He has an interest in economics, human psyche and music.

Sarmad went with the delegation of GhentMUN to attend his first Model UN conference in London. He had the oppurtunity to engage in current world issues and wide range of like-minded students. Afterwards, he decided to join GhentMUN as a public relations member and is now working alongside Philippe and Manu to make GhentMUN flourish as an organization

Events Member

Savanah Guilmot

Savanah is a 3rd year student of sociology and anthropology at the university of Saint-Louis Bruxelles and plans on going on Erasmus at Ghent University next semester. She found a new interest for MUN and diplomacy last year and became a delegate of Saint Louis that took part in the Model United Nations of London (LIMUN). She enjoyed it very much and decided to be more engaged this year as she had more free time. Therefore, she applied to become Head Delegate at Saint-Louis and Event Member for GhentMUN. Other than that, she really enjoys learning languages and travelling. She speaks French as a first language, English (thanks to a gap-year in the US after High School), Dutch (thanks to a year of sport in Flanders) and is currently learning Spanish for a future project of hers.

Participant Coordinator

Leila Asiago

Leila is a Master’s student at the University of Ghent, currently pursuing an Msc. in EU-studies after successfully completing her Bsc. in Communication Sciences. She is also a member of the United Nations Youth Association, Ghent chapter (UNYA Gent), and a new member of the GhentMUN board.

Besides Communications and IoT, Leila is passionate about (international) public policy that focusses on emergent global issues such as Data- & Information privacy, Cybercrime, and Emerging Technologies. She also has a keen interest in Technopolitics and Cyberdemocracy.

Leila loves to read, listen to music and most recently; podcasts. She is also a polyglot, proficient in 4 languages (Gusii, Swahili, English and Dutch) and currently learning a fifth (French). She hopes her participation this year helps to push GhentMUN into the spotlight as an intercultural platform to inspire and encourage youth participation in global issues.