There are several options near Het Pand, where GhentMUN will be held: http://www.aanaajaanaa.be/?lang=en http://www.13oclock.be/ http://www.ibis.com/en/hotel-0961-ibis-gent-centrum-st-baafs-kathedraal/index.shtml http://www.hosteluppelink.com/en/ https://www.jeugdherbergen.be/en/ghent
The delegate fee is 25 EUR. Included is participation in the full conference, coffee and lunch. Our social package wil be 15 EUR. Please refer to our Facebook page for future updates
GhentMUN 2018 will take place from April 27 until April 29, 2018
As preparation for the conference you will have to write a position paper in which you explain the position of your country on the issues that will be discussed in your specific committee. In order to do this you have to read the Study Guide provided by the chairs (heads) of your committee, the background of your country and the background of your committee.
There are, we have: -Beginner committees (no experience) -One mediocre committee (some experience) -One expert committee (a lot of experience)
No. Everyone who is interested can participate in GhentMUN 2018.
You can. If you want to participate in GhentMUN 2018 but your financial situation doesn't allow you to, please send an e-mail to contact@ghentmun.be.