The Secretariat

Angel González García

Secretary General

Angel is the product of the enormous impact that Model United Nations Conferences can have on young people. Having participated in more than 30 MUNs since 2006, Angel is a 27 year-old Dominican young man who has dedicated his professional, academic, and personal lives to international law and relations, and most notably, to the work of the United Nations. His life’s passion is to contribute with the sustainable development of global communities from an international perspective. In 2018, he obtained his Master 2 Degree in International Economic Law, from Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas. Before this master degree, he previously obtained a Bachelor of Laws from the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE), in Santo Domingo; a Master of International Affairs (MIA) with a dual-degree from the Instituto Global de Altos Estudios en Ciencias Sociales (IGLOBAL), in Santo Domingo, and from the Instituto Universitario de Investigación Ortega y Gasset (IUIOG), in Madrid, Spain; and a Diplôme Supérieur d’Université (equivalent to a Master 1 degree) in Public International Law, from Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas, in Paris France.

His experience in the MUN world has helped him to travel to several countries around the globe, and to meet and have friends from all different continents. Angel is member of the United Nations Association of the Dominican Republic (UNA-DR), participated as Youth Delegate of the Dominican Republic in the 2016 UNCTAD Youth Forum, in Nairobi, Kenya, was the First Runner-Up of the 2016 Youth National Award of the Dominican Republic, served as Secretary-General of the Tenth Edition of the International Conference of the Americas (CILA 2014), the largest MUN in Latin America and the Caribbean, and was a member of the Permanent Delegation of the Dominican Republic to UNESCO from 2017 to 2018. Last, but not least, his accomplishments and teamwork skills led him to serve as the Deputy Secretary-General of GhentMUN 2018 and to become this year’s Secretary-General. He fluently speaks English, Spanish, French and Italian.

As Secretary-General of the second edition of GhentMUN, he has pledged to work every single day, along with the Secretariat, to make of GhentMUN an excellent experience for all its participants.




MD Khairul Hassan Ratul

Deputy Secretary General

Ratul is a student from Bangladesh, and is currently majoring in Electrical and Electronics Engineering after previously obtaining a 4 years Diploma degree in Electronics Engineering.

He has got experience in MUN affairs and is also engaged in organizing MUN’s in Bangladesh and Poland. In addition, he has also participated in various International MUN conferences as Delegate and Chair. Moreover, in his MUN journey, he has traveled to several countries around the globe and has met and has friends from all different countries. Recently, he worked at United Nations Information Center at Dhaka as a full-time Intern from September to December 2018. He has got a variety of communication and public relations initiative. And finally has excellent communication skills and a very friendly personality which is only enhanced by his natural leadership qualities.





ECOSOC (Beginner):

Water, a human right versus its privatisation



Nada Mahmoud


Nada is a junior doctor, who was born in Egypt and raised in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Having been involved in MUN since high school, she believes that MUN plays a pivotal role in the development of the youth. It provides them the means to get involved in current affairs and learn in ways that traditional education doesn’t accommodate. Despite being a medic, Nada is aspiring to have a career with the UN. She dreams to use her passion for helping people to benefit those in need all around the globe. Nada is very fond of art and travel. She truly appreciates Victorian architecture and is a huge fan of Vittorio Reggianini’s meticulous work. She is extremely excited to be in Ghent this May to meet all the brilliant minds from ECOSOC. She looks forward to having fruitful sessions full of fun and hopes to make life-long friends. 




José Ernesto González


Ernesto is a Dominican 22-year old economist who has been an active member of the MUN community since 2010. As a student, he was part of a school filled with MUN enthusiasts with a very competitive environment. As a professional, he’s currently working as a financial data manager at CEVALDOM, in the Dominican Republic. He believes that participating in MUN’s gives students the opportunity to harness a plethora of abilities such as negotiating and writing skills, eloquence and critical thinking. Ernesto is considered by his peers as a joyful and friendly person, hardworking and always looking for new experiences.





UN General Assembly (Beginner):

Setting up a framework to discuss climate refugees


 Parthabi Kanungo

Chair: UN General Assembly

Parthabi is in the first year of her Bachelor in European Law at Maastricht University, in the Netherlands. Hailing from India, she had been a part of the East India MUN Circuit for four years, before relocating for her studies. The very first MUN that she attended was in her hometown of Bhubaneswar while she was a ninth grader. Intending to specialise in international humanitarian law, she understands of the significance that diplomacy holds, especially under an evolving world order. She is a proponent of the view that the resilience of students, developed through MUNs, has the collective capacity of impacting real-world changes in the future. A trilingual with a strong affinity to her Indian values, she carries with her a flair of cultural contrast. Her other areas of interest include content development, debating, and academic research.




Arleen Pimentel

Chair: UN General Assembly

Arleen is a 22-year old Dominican economist from the University of Strasbourg and is currently specializing in International Public Management at Sciences Po Paris. She entered the MUN world at the age of thirteen and never quitted since. So far, she has participated in 15 conferences of this type such as Harvard MUN and the International Conference of the Americas (CILA). Among her professional experiences, she has interned at the Council of Europe and in parallel, she ran for the Vice Presidency of the Education & Culture Committee of the INGO Conference as the youngest candidate. In addition, she assisted the Dominican Delegation to UNESCO in 2017, which has inspired her to write a thesis on Artificial Intelligence in Education. In any case, she will be up for a good, and constructive chat, meeting interesting and inspirational people, and having a good coffee!








European Council (Beginner):

Countering the upcoming water scarcity, securing clean water and sanitation for all



İlkyaz Deniz Bilgiç

Chair: European Council

İlkyaz is currently a psychology student at Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara,Turkey and has been doing MUNs for more than 6 years. Amongst all the roles she has occupied in the past, chairing is still her favorite due to its radiant nature and dynamism. Observing the flow of debate from first-hand and witnessing delegate’s progress is such an invaluable experience for İlkyaz. She is highly interested in European Union, European history, political psychology, social psychology and learning new languages as well as cultures. 







Marcos Oliver

Chair: European Council

Marcos is a 20-year-old Dominican who is currently studying advertising and public relations at CEU San Pablo in Madrid. While studying in the morning, he also works as a graphic designer. Moreover, during his high school years in the Dominican Republic, he actively participated in several Model United Nations Conferences as well as in some debate tournaments. When he moved to Madrid, he has been able to attend both as spectator and participant in conferences related to the United Nations.

During GhentMUN2019, he expects to understand the delegates’ perspective on the current situation of the European Union and the different measures that can be taken to face the current issues in the international community. In addition, he expects to know new people and learn from different opinions and points of view from diverse cultures.




Security Council (Expert):

Drought and water crisis as a threat to international security




Aleksa Stojanovic

Chair: Security Council

Aleksa was born in Belgrade, Serbia. He is a first-year student of Law at the University of Belgrade. He plans on enrolling at University of London to get a Bachelor of Science degree in International Relations. He discovered his passion for MUN at his first conference, BIMUN (Belgrade International Model United Nations), in March 2017. Since then, he has participated in many conferences as a delegate and a chair. He is an active member of the UN club at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. Beyond his love of international relations, politics, law and history, he loves reading, learning languages, binge watching tv shows, travelling, playing tabletop games and of course, partying.




UNWomen: Commission on the Status of Women (Intermediate)

Water shortage and its effect on the status of women



Stephanie Armbruster

Chair: UN-Women: Commission on the Status of Women

Stephanie is studying Statistics and Biology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, Germany. She has only recently discovered the MUN experience, but has fully indulged in it. Given the constantly rising urgency of climate change and the ever present threat of gender discrimination, discussing these topics in combination is pivotal to ensuring a safe and fair world. Stephanie is highly passionate about gender equality and women ́s rights. She is anticipating the innovative and diplomatic approaches to this situation offered by the cooperative, dynamic and bright delegates and will give her best to support a fruitful debate.






Jad Amine Zeitouni

Chair: UN-Women: Commission on the Status of Women

Jad is a Law student at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium and an elected youth councilman with a great interest in international law, politics and gender equality. He has always been very active in various youth organizations and has done his share of MUNs, MEUs, Youth Parliaments, debates, etc. Jad is a fervent feminist and has had the opportunity to put his passion and words into acts for various programs and projects from campaigns for sexual health to being chosen as a male role model against violence against women. He also travels and has been engaged all around the world from Uganda to Cuba, from Montreal to Beirut to London and Panama. He will bring his passion to the committee to guide and empower his delegates to truly learn all that an MUN has to offer.


International Court of Justice (ICJ)

Justice and Human Rights



Lorie-Louise Lehmann

Chair: International Court of Justice (ICJ)

Lorie-Louise is a French student of 21 years old. She is in the first year of her Master in International and European Law at Ghent university as an Erasmus student. Already involved in some youth organisations in her home country, it is nevertheless her first time in MUN. Passionate by international law and diplomatic relations, she is very excited by this new adventure. After her experience in a European Law Moot Court, she is looking forward to seeing how the delegates will get by. Beyond her interest in law, she likes reading, travelling and meeting people of different cultures.







Verheyen Laure Avanti

Chair: International Court of Justice (ICJ)

Verheyen was born in India but practically lives in Belgium. She speaks Dutch, English, French and a little bit of German, Spanish and Russian. Verheyen obtained her Master’s degree in Law at Ghent University in 2017 with a master’s thesis on ‘Immunities and inviolabilities: questions about the limitation on these rights for Diplomats’. Currently, she is doing her another master degree in international and European Law at Ghent University.

During her studies, she participated in the World Championship Jiu-jitsu and took the bronze medal (2013). Besides, She joint Ghent University’s team in the European Law Moot Court (2018-2019) and also worked as an intern at the Belgian Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine (Spring 2018) working directly for the Ambassador and Diplomat.

By taking part on MUN, she would like to share her theoretical and practical knowledge on diplomacy and law.