Nicolás H. Folley (Secretary-General)

Nicolas is a Master in Law student who, after graduating in a little town in the North of Spain, has decided to discover as much of the world as possible. Currently living in Bonn, he teaches Business and Legal English.

As most, his desire to make the world a better place has brought him closer to the United Nations and the MUN world. He has taken part in over fifteen simulations, from Austria to Spain and Scotland to the United Arab Emirates, and is not willing to give up such addiction any time soon. His hobbies include photography and International Affairs, and should you want to initiate a conversation with him do not make reference to “tapas” or bullfighting. For him, the best party has to have interesting people and red wine.

His desire to take on new challenges has led him to becoming Secretary General for this very first edition of GhentMUN.


Anastasia Latenkova (UNHRC)

Sebastiaan Van Severen (UNHRC)

Sebastiaan is a PhD researcher and academic assistant in public international law at the Ghent Rolin Jaequemyns International Law Institute (GRILI), Ghent University. He was the president of the United Nations Youth Association (UNYA) Flanders, Belgium from 2014 to 2016. As a member of this UNYA, he attended, chaired and organized numerous MUN conferences. Sebastiaan loves democracy, human rights, and eating ham out of the fridge pretending to be Tony Soprano. He strongly dislikes authoritarian dictators and wet socks.

Philippe Lefevre (UNESCO)

Philippe is a second year History and Politics student currently studying in Paris with Erasmus Exchange. Having been born French and English most of his life has been split up into being called a Frog or a Rosbeef respectively. He has participated in over 10 MUN conferences to date from Edinburgh to Jerusalem and finds it his favourite way to pass the time, meet new and interesting people, and burn through his money faster that Elon Musk. He also works with the Youth Association for a Greater Europe to try and improve relations between Eurasia and the EU and soon will be doing the same for the UK as it slowly drifts into the Atlantic.

He is also trying to work his way through all Western European conferences whilst it’s still not illegal to be British on the continent. He also enjoys playing Classical Guitar, playing badminton and reading edgy french poetry and philosophy whilst drinking cheap wine. Don’t be afraid to quiz him on Brexit as hard as you possibly can, but respect his decision to utter a deep existential sigh every time you bring it up.

Marina Navarro (UNESCO)

Marina is an Economics student at the University of Seville (Spain) and it is impossible to say that she lacks of international motivation: She finished a double Spanish-French Baccalaureate, she has been living in Dublin and currently in Belgium for an Erasmus year. She has also been support teacher on “Economy of the European Union” for foreign students and has given high school conferences related with the EU.

Always seeking for new projects, challenges and adventures, Marina fell in love with MUN world participating as a delegate in other conferences. She strongly believes that sharing ideas, opinions between cultures and the willingness of changing the world is the key to improve it as much as possible. She is an animal lover and a sport-addicted and concerning her studies she aims to specialize in development and international economics, therefore, enthusiasm and motivation will not be missing with her on this year’s conference!


Sara Atef (WHO)

Sara is an Egyptian medical student studying at the University of Sharjah, UAE.

Yet, she has pursued her interest in international relations through all types of Model UN and by being an active member of the current UOSMUN team. Her appreciation for MUN conferences stems from her strong belief in its ability to recognize and enthuse our world’s unsung heroes. It has always amazed her how such conferences could bring together people from all over the world to discuss matters of grave importance and try to think creatively about solving them.

Outside Model UN, Sara was delighted to serve as the IFMSA’s Local Officer of Reproductive health & AIDS in 2016 as she tackled the challenges of stigma and discrimination within her community.

When not involved in MUNs or NMOs, Sara is a philanthropist at heart and is most interested in multicultural gatherings, ice-skating and gaming.


Steven Franckowiak (WHO)

Steven is a Dutch-American IT student studying at the Zuyd University of Applied Science, the Netherlands. Growing up abroad, MUN became a perfect fit for him when his MUN career started in high school. Since then, he has attended more conferences than he can keep track of. His favorite aspect of MUN is meeting new people from around the world, and the lasting friendships that come out of conferences. In his free time, Steven spends a lot of time reading, writing, gaming and traveling when possible. He looks forward to getting an excuse to visit Gent again, and more importantly, chairing the WHO for the first time!


Nevena Bracanović (SC)


Ruth del Pino Bleijerveld (SC)

Ruth is a Spanish-Dutch student studying International Relations and Political Science at Amsterdam University College. Her MUN days began in Rabat, Morocco where she went to highschool. Since then, she has attended various conferences and has even helped organise one in Amsterdam. She loves MUN for its ability to open dialogue about the most serious and pressing issues of our time, and simultaneously create a network of friendships with people all over the globe. Besides MUN, she spends most of her time reading, playing volleyball, and tutoring in maths to high school students (a tough job which she has grown to love). She looks forward to chairing the Security Council along with her lovely co-chair Nevena and cannot wait for this exciting experience!


Jasper D’Huyvetter (Historical SC)

Jasper is a historian and currently employed as a teacher in a secondary school in Ghent and at the University College of Ghent. He finished his master of arts in history in 2014 at Ghent University. During his education in Ghent he was selected as first runner up for the NMUN team of the University in 2013. He has had the opportunity to be taught by Ghents best, the team that would become the delegates of Mauritus at the NMUN Conference in New York. After that he has participated in GhentMUN 2013 as the delegate of the People’s Republic of China. This year will be the first time as a chair, and that in a historical setting. He looks forward to a serious and historical debate!


Florian Fermin (Historical SC)

Florian studies International Business (Strategy & Innovation) at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. His MUN career now spans almost a decade, having started doing MUN in Canada in 2009. The addiction is showing no signs of getting better any time soon, and he is very excited to be chairing his first historical UNSC.

Florian’s has participated in over 25 MUN conferences to date. He started chairing in early 2014, and has chaired on more than a dozen occasions since then. Besides his MUN life Florian works in IT, and spends his free time left with friends, playing tennis and travelling to new places. He looks forward to tasting the delicious Ghent noses once more and a great conference.